Praxis Enterprise Mobile Approval App

The Praxis Enterprise Mobile Approver is a smart device based approval app allowing users to initiate, receive, review, query and action their workflow assignments from all Enterprise back-end workflow engines into a single inbox onto their mobile devices. The application is available for both Smart Phones and Tablets and is compatible with all devices running on IOS, Android and Windows Operating Systems.

Users can receive their process/workflow assignments from various Enterprise systems including, but not limited to, ERP, EAM, CRM, ECM or even a DMS system and can action their assignments even when off-line.

  • Single inbox for all assignments eliminating the need to log into multiple systems
  • Accessibility to critical assignments information on-the-go eliminating desktop access dependency
  • Capability to make informed decision with access to all required data and supporting documents
  • Complete Accountability and Traceability of assignments and performed actions