Mobile Work Manager for FSI Concept Evolution

Praxis Mobile Work Manager Lite for FSI Concept Evaluation is a mobile work management solution build on SMP Mobile Platform. This mobile app empowers technicians, supervisors and Facility coordinators with essential information to complete maintenance of assets and capturing the required information this includes Corrective, Reactive, PPM and Inspections. Built on SAP Mobile Platform, this can be used on any mobile device to suit your operating environment and needs.

Functionalities and Features

  • Provide list of Tasks allocated to the Technician based on work assignment or Supervisors / Facility Coordinators based on assigned Buildings.
  • Separate modules for different type of Tasks namely Corrective and Reactive, PPM Tasks and Inspections Tasks for easy management of work on mobile device.
  • Text based, Filter based and Bar code based Task Search.
  • Display all details of Tasks including General Details, Stock Details, Notes, Events, SLA Details, Inspection List, Check List and Resources.
  • User can on demand download attachment related to Task.
  • User can take photographs as attachments to Task from Mobile App.
  • User can create new corrective Tasks from Mobile App.
  • User can edit of Task from Mobile App for following
    • Updating Level of Completion (LOC)
    • Change Status i.e. Sign Off Task to History, Revert History status to Complete
    • Approve or Reject Spare Part Request
    • Add Event to Task
  • User can delete locally create Task before it Sync with Concept Evaluation.
  • User can view list and details of assigned buildings and Asset.
  • User can update GPS Co-ordinates of Building from Mobile Device.
  • User can update Asset Survey Date and Condition from Mobile Device.
  • User can view list of Spare Parts and filter them based on description.
  • Uses Standard FSI Concept Evaluation Web services for Transactions
  • Mobile App supports offline working.