Operator e-Logbook

Praxis Operator e-Logbook is a one stop solution for Operators Logs management. Once Logbook Configuration and assignment is done, Users can create shift logs by simply creating log and entering log data. This is designed to be easy to use and to make user more efficient with features like automatic log book generation and Shift Logs.

Functionalities and Features

  • Create and Manage Log book templates.
  • Log book templates direct assignments to individual persons and acting assignments i.e. delegation.
  • Send Instructions for action to a Person or a Group including Operators.
  • Automatically records all Actions against the Instructions.
  • Shift Controller, Assistant Shift Controller, Panel Operator and Field Operators can create and manage daily log entries based on Log book templates.
  • Automatic Log book creation based on role assign template of logged in user.
  • Allows Log Book Revisions
  • Forward to Reviewer for verification
  • Handover the Log to the next reliever upon completion.
  • Reports can be run for each Log entry record created.
  • Automatic creation of shift log upon the creation of the first log entry of that shift to be used by Shift Superintendent and Shift Controller.
  • Daily Operations Report for Shift Superintendent and Shift Controller to report the Daily Operations activities
  • Build on IBM Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE) compatible with Maximo 7.x onwards.
  • Completely Integrated with other Maximo Modules (Work Order, Asset, Location, etc.)
  • Built in functionality to track the entire work request, work order, run log, incident raised during the shift.
  • No Additional license required to be purchased if User’s already have Maximo access.