Digital Operator Rounds

The Praxis Digital Operator Rounds solution extends the power of Mobility onto a ruggedized hand held device allowing operations and inspection data to be captured in the field digitally. The data collected from Operator rounds forms an important baseline for making decisions to improve reliability. The traditional method of carrying out these inspections using paper-and-clipboard approach made it difficult to use this information productively. With the digitization and automation of the inspection and rounds tools, it is now possible to turn this data into information for almost immediate improved asset reliability.

Operator rounds focus on the visual inspection of assets, but it can also include recording temperatures, pressures, flow rates, vibration levels, water chemistry, spills and leaks, and other safety and operating condition data. Praxis Operator Rounds solution includes decision support tools that can display SOPs, and suggested best practices at the user’s fingertips when he encounters out-of-the-ordinary conditions. Recommendations can also be created to initiate work.

All data captured on the mobile device can later be synchronized with a traditional historian or with the advanced in-memory computing SAP HANA database for running extensive and instant analytics and reporting on this data.

The Praxis Digital Operator Rounds Solution provides the Operators and Management with the following capabilities:

  • Standardization and Digitization of all Round/Inspection Templates
  • Complete Template Management with revision management and distribution capabilities
  • Assignment and Schedule Management
  • Guided Workflows on Mobile for Operators
  • Condition Monitoring and Automatic Field Alerts with Recommendations
  • Real-time Analytics with Reporting and Dashboard tools
  • Complete Accountability for every Inspection/Round

Praxis Operator Rounds solution has been built on the industry leading Mobile Platform from SAP (SMP) and the leading Big Data in-memory database platform (SAP HANA).