The increasing complexity of industrial environments is just one of a growing number of challenges that are faced by the industry. Operations managers and maintenance staff now encounter a steadily increasing number of SCADA systems, PLCs, sensors, and field devices. In addition, there are also a variety of machines, robots, drives, and industrial PCs, which are used to control the parameters and preliminary settings of a production environment.

The topic of IT security and safety is also growing in importance. In the past, malware attacks were primarily aimed at exploiting general security vulnerabilities. Today, targeted cyberattacks on specific companies are all too real a threat. Production downtime – brought about as a direct result of such attacks – has been responsible for
record losses in recent years.

One in ten companies have had their very existence threatened as a result. If you take into account disruptions caused by technical errors, human error, or negligence, and add them to those caused by cyberattacks, the shear scope of the problem becomes very apparent.

Octoplant is one of the only software in the market, which offers comprehensive control and security of OT devices across all brands and device types. It essentially offers:

  • Automatic change management & version control
  • Automatic back-ups across networked & non-networked sites
  • Disaster recovery

Some of the users include

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Securing Production with Octoplant

Complete protection against

Automated Asset and Data protection for Industrial Automation

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