Digital Operations Management System

As organizations pursue their Digital Transformation journeys, it becomes critical to identify the problem areas that can be addressed and benefit from this transformation and provide the apt ROI both in terms of costs savings and better utilization of the highly skilled and increasingly valuable plant personnel. One of the key challenges industries face comes from operational accountability. Operations is tasked with critical functions like Rounds, Logbooks, and Inspections, which if done manually are major contributors to the risks associated with safety as well as unplanned asset breakdowns leading to major production losses and worker safety.

The Digital Operations Management System (DOMS) is a turn-key solution addressing these key areas which derive direct benefits from digitization and automation.

DOMS extends the power of Mobility onto hand-held devices allowing operations, logbook, and inspection data to be captured digitally in the plant avoiding any backend data entry errors. The data collected from Rounds forms an important baseline for making decisions to improve asset reliability, thus lower production costs and worker safety.

Digital Operator Rounds & Inspections

Turnkey Solution to

  • Manage Templates and Assignments
  • Mobile App for Operators and Supervisors to carry out
    Rounds/Inspections in online and offline modes
  • Analytics framework with Reports and Dashboards to
    monitor all Asset and Operators Performance data
  • Integration capabilities to EAM and also Operations
    system to create an Equipment Central Database

Digital Operator Rounds & Inspections

  • Define Logbook templates with section-based tasks for different role, units and areas and manage their schedule and assignment to the right team members
  • Single-Page/Tab linear UI Forms based data entry for Users making the Logbook data entry easy and seamless

Mobile App

Intuitive UX

Ease for plant personnel to use the app with minimal training and to have cumulative information for them on a single screen upon logging into the app.

Focused Data & Tasks

Ensures plant personnel see only those templates and tasks assigned to them to carry out their work in a focused manner giving them instant updates on pending tasks.

Smart Assistance

Provide instruction prompts to Operators in the field in case of asset abnormalities.

Fault Reporting

Native integration to EAM System to initiate a new Notification / Work Requests from the field.

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