Visual KPI

Intelligence in Analytics – VisualKPI

A personalized real-time view of operations across all your data sources and on any device.

Thousands of sources

  • Relational Data
  • IoT
  • ERP
  • AI
  • IT, Security & Cloud Monitoring
  • Web Services
  • Vertical Industry Applications
  • Data Warehouses
  • Manual Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Pricing

Visual KPI is the only on-demand real time dashboard, monitoring, KPI, alerting & analytics software designed specifically for operationally intensive environments. The software offers an enterprise view of all your KPIs across all sites, locations, projects, users on any device. The solution is used widely in industrial domain especially in Energy, Utilities & infrastructure projects.

Some of the users include

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Data Warehouse is not a Prerequisite

Read Data in Real-Time

Leave your data where it makes sense and read it in real-time, no matter how many sources.

Simplify by Adding Context

Transform raw data into intuitive KPIs everyone can understand and compare, with no coding.

Visualize and Personalize

At-a-glance results, regardless of location or device. Personalized and role-based dashboards.

Notifications tell you When to Look

Visual KPI notifies you when (and where) things go wrong and can escalate if things get worse.

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