Digital Spare Parts Interchangeability Record (D-SPIR)

Various organizations in the Oil & Gas, Utility as well as Manufacturing industries, apart from others, execute large projects (Major Projects) which involves the supply and installation of a large quantity of new equipment by the EPC Contractor. The Contractor, along with their vendors, is responsible to provide the organization with all specification details of the supplied equipment including their bill of material (spare parts) that the organization needs to stock in their inventory for smooth operation of these supplied equipment. Contractor is also responsible to provide the complete specification of these recommended spare parts along with the recommended quantities that an organization should stock for equipment maintenance. This poses as a major challenge for the organizations to ensure that they do not create duplicate records in their inventory catalog when onboarding the spare parts from the contractor against a project.

Digital Spare Parts Interchangeability Record (D-SPIR) is a fully digitized, centralized and integrated solution to collect, validate and eliminate duplicate spare parts data before it merges with the primary inventory catalog of an organization.

DSPIR Key Features

  • Built with a rich and intuitive user experience along with localization capabilities.
  • DSPIR comes with a digital and visual workflow engine allowing configuration of the review business process as per organizational needs and the approval hierarchies.
  • Built in smart and configurable algorithm for automated Spare part duplicate check
  • Configurable validations and standardization of cataloging master data including measure units
  • Configurable security profile and privileges managementb including complete Contractor and Vendor user/account management
  • The system also supports attachments of various document formats against the equipment and spare records.
  • All communication between all internal and external parties during the review of an SPIR record is managed, recorded and audit enabled within the DSPIR system.
  • DSPIR system is seamlessly integrated with the Inventory module of the Asset Management system.

Key Benefits


Complete replacement of the traditional excel and hardcopy based process

Increased Efficiency

with more than 50% man-hour reduction in data collection and review process

Process Oriented

Process optimization using electronic workflow leading to more than 65% time saving during review cycle

Efficient Cataloging

Complete Equipment and Spares data upload into Inventory with all relevant information

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