Contractor Personnel Management System (CPMS)

There are various stakeholder requirements in an organization when it comes to allowing Contractor resources to be deployed and working at internal sites and offices. These stakeholders include Procurement and Supply Chain, Legal, Operations, Risk Management Team, Safety Team and also Executive Management. Some of the key concern areas raised by these stakeholders include:

  • Maintaining consistent Contractor Data
  • Maintaining certifications & licenses
  • Protecting Company from exposure to risk from Contractor deficiencies
  • Monitoring violations, citations & prosecutions
  • Tracking Contractor Staff Safety
  • Maintaining consistent SOPs
  • Protecting Brand equity

CPMS is a centralized system designed to manage Contract, Contractor and Contractor Personnel data in a single location forming a single-source of truth. All business processes relevant to managing the association and deployment of a Contractor Resource all the way from resource identification, on-boarding, daily attendance and timesheets, leave and replacement management till contract completion.

CPMS also manages a Contractor Score Card based on contract performance.

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