ProcessVue Alarm Management Suite


Improve your alarm system performance, lower management costs and increase your return on assets by simplifying the way you collect, visualize and manage alarms.

The ProcessVue Alarm Management Software Suite is the culmination of over 30 years of experience and expertise in managing alarms. Designed to meet the requirements of a broad range of industries and based on globally recognized alarm management standards, it provides key personnel with clear, relevant and prioritized information for operations, compliance and business optimization. ProcessVue is now a market leading Alarm Management Suite, solving critical issues like:

  • Improving operator situational awareness
  • Alarm rationalization
  • Master Alarm database
  • Alarm routine audits

Some of the users include

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Intelligence in Operations with ProcessVue

Digitalisation Era: Big Data Analytics

  • Alarm/Event data has a role to play in big data analytics
  • OEE/optimisation
  • Asset Management

Suite of products built around the life cycle of alarm management

Alarm Rationalization using Master Alarm Database

Compliance with industry standards ISA 18.2 / EEMUA 191

Intelligence in Operations with ProcessVue

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